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Best Selling WordPress Theme, Socrates

Best Selling WordPress Theme, Socrates

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We assume you’re going to look around the theme demo, or get a free sandbox trial so we’re not going to bother with a fancy salespage.  We’re also going to direct you off this salespage to see some of our demos and bonuses.

We understand you’re here because you need to build a website or improve the page speed of an existing one.  Perhaps you heard about our Toolkit plugin and just want that..

You’re most likely looking for an easy to use WordPress Theme.  One that’s fast, mobile friendly, easy to customize, has great support and is sold at a fair price.

Dan you surely deserve a medal and recognition for over delivering, you have reinvented this word. What I don’t get is why would EVERYONE not use Socrates as their theme!!??

Lloyd P.

These days you’ve got 1000’s of Theme choices.  So you spend hours looking at fancy demos, reading reviews & licensing terms to try and pick the right theme for your project and budget.


The WordPress theme business in 2019 is very competitive and unfortunately 90% of the themes out there are all look the same.  Many theme developers seem to only care about their fancy looking demos and how many themes they can create (most of which all look the same).  They spend more time making demos than supporting their customers.

That’s why we don’t like to think of ourselves as being in the theme business.  We’re in the problem solving business.  Our themes, plugins and bonuses solve lots of problems.

The reason customers love Socrates and why it’s one of the most popular themes ever (over 20,000 sales) is because it’s easy to use and solves problems.

Socrates Also Has…

  • A One Time Payment of Just $47 –  No Annual or Support Fees.
  • Just One User License – Unlimited Personal and Client Use
  • Great Support –  Email, Forum, Live Chat (for 9 straight years)
  • Incredible Bonuses – We don’t have upsells because we give them away with purchase

So unlike other themes that charge $50+ per single use annually, we charge under $50 one time for unlimited personal and client use.

How Can We Do This?

Socrates has been a one-time fee since 2010. It sells every day and we have multiple online businesses running on Socrates Themes. We also realize that the majority of digital products with annual support fees don’t get renewed anyhow. (The 80/20 Rule).

If we really needed more income to support Socrates, we’d simply incorporate more affiliate offers, or create another product to market to our loyal customers. Make sense?

In the meantime we use it for our businesses too so we’re always improving it.

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