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CB Ad Rotator | Generate Ads For The Top Selling Products On CB

CB Ad Rotator | Generate Ads For The Top Selling Products On CB

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What Are The Main Benefits of ClickBank Ad Rotator?

You get your own login to the members area so you can generate ClickBank ads that you can place on any website you own.

Your commission is normally around 50-75% per product sold from your ads. This can also include recurring billing products that can earn you a commission every single month.

Our database is updated every single day from the legitimate ClickBank marketplace, not from a database that has about 100 old links like some places, we have ALL of ClickBanks 10,000+ products listed.

This is very important as new products are added and removed from the marketplace every single day.

We do not pretend to offer it at a low cost or for free and then make you pay a monthly fee to upgrade, it is a one time only payment.

Your ads will be direct link ads targeted by your own keywords, so you can mix them with your Google AdSense if you require.

Your ads are not displayed as images, they are actual text so that they will add towards the S.E.O of your web page and increase traffic from search engines.

You do not need any technical knowledge at all, as long as you can copy and paste into your web page.

You can choose the exact size of ads you require by title length, description length, word length, ad number, width, height, orientation etc. All done from very simple menus in your members area.

You can choose the look of your ad by font, font colors, font size, border colors and styles. You can even choose the order in which they display, such as most popular, highest earning etc.

There are no complicated databases for you to set up, in fact it has been designed so that even a child can use it.

You get paid by ClickBank every week for any sales made from your ads.

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