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Character-e – Over 2500 Characters, Mascots & Toons

Character-e – Over 2500 Characters, Mascots & Toons

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Point & Click Character Creation Tool

Here is what you can make with Character-e complete solution:


Struggling to make a content?

Content is a king, every businesses need a content. Digital Marketing report on 2018 – 2019 shows that Content Marketing is easily the most important marketing channels for an online business (72%).

But often, you have no idea and don’t have a clue what to write next. You spend a lot of time just starring at a blinking cursor text in your computer. Well well, that’s a nightmare..

Professional Illustration

If you are in active industry, you need to continually creating new content and having a professional illustration will definitely help. You can create a new form of content by posting amazing illustration with just a little caption.

But then, not everybody born as an artist. In fact, more than 90% pople are unable to draw just a “proper” human.



Here is HOW

With Character-e, you can easily create an highly professional character for your content.

No Need to Hire Professional Artist Again
Just making one character with this quality will cost you around $30-$50 (in fiverr) and probably $100+ for a professional artist.

Unlimited Characters in your hand

Now, you can be an artist yourself. Create any type of character for different business in minutes

NOW, you can focus on your business more!

Well okay, how easy it is to make a new

character with Character-e?


With Character-e, you can easily create an highly professional character for your content. First,
just choose which character theme you want to create.


Start customizing the character by hiding and unhiding several layers on Photoshop/Gimp. You can change both the character
outfit and pose. Choose whatever fit your needs.


Start changing the facial feature of your new character. You can change the expression, the hairstyle and the beard
(for the male). You can even create your own hair color..


Save and Export your character as a Transparent PNG. Then you can use your new HD character in your separated background!
Be creative, the sky is your only limit!

Here’s what you’ll get!









The Barbershop and The Beauty Salon

With Character-e, you are provided with so many variety of hairstyles both for the woman and man characters.

You can change the color for each hairstyle to suit your taste and needs.

Below are the preview of some hair collection inside the Professional Woman Pack, Professional Man Pack,

Traditional Woman Pack, Traditional Man Pack, Sporty Woman Pack and Sporty Man Pack.



Character-e in action!

In this case study, we created an android application and upload it to google playstore. We use character-e to create the characters for optimizing the screenshot for ASO (Application Store Optimization). Guess the result,
The Application downloaded for more than 100.000 times in under 3 months!


In this case study, we use the Professional Woman Pack to create a Flight Attendant Character to use in travel/tourist promotion with a clean and crisp looks.


In this study case, we use the Sporty Woman Pack to create an awesome footballer as a promotion for a football manager mobile application/games.


How about making a special content for special occasion? In this case study, we use the traditional Man and Woman pack to create a graduate characters for graduation ceremony poster.


In this case study, we use the the Professional Man Pack to create a police character for a traffic socialization and education poster.


That is not all! These five only show you a little about what Character-e can do with your creativity!

Even Better..

Try Character-e For Just $97 – NO MONTHLY FEES!

30 Day RISK FREE Money Back

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying Character-e, we will refund 100% of your money. Just email us and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30 days. Nothing could be more fair than that!


So Go Ahead And Get Your Discounted Copy Of Character-e Today!

Once you’ve entered your payment information, you’ll be taken to the download page so you can immediately access Character-e!


Q: Is this a software?

A: No, the main product consists of main PSD file that contain 500+ layers for each themes.
You will need Photoshop / Photoshop Elements to open the file. However, the product also provide a xcf file
for Gimp users and also you get the transparent PNG files too.

Q: Can I use Gimp?

A: Yes, gimp (native xcf file is also provided) – The transparent PNG files are provided too!

Q: Can I use Photoshop Element?

A: Yes! Make sure to activate the layer function on the bottom interface bar to access our layers.

Q: What is the rights for this package?

A: You have limited commercial rights for this. This means you can only use them in your own
personal projects and your clients projects too! The product can’t be sold or giving out for free!

Q: Can I use it on POD products?

A: Yes, you can use any of the characters in your print on demand designs too.

Q: Are there any OTO’s or upsells?

A: Yes, there is an OTO for more character themes, and another one that gives you the chance the get
the animated character pack.

A Proud Product By MidPixel

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