How I made $800 fast in feb with Fiverr

How I made $800 fast in feb with Fiverr 1How to Sell Traffic on Fiverr

Fiverr is where people go to purchase services or products for $5. But in reality, the seller receives about $4. Also, those 4$ will only be transferable after a 2 week period once the service has been received and approved by the client. The greatest value however may not be making those $4 but establishing new contacts through your clientele. They might buy a couple of gigs but overtime it is easier to cut off the middleman. In the end, your business can grow from word of mouth, because cutting out the middle simply makes it easier on both ends.

The good thing about Fiverr is that you’re able to sell anything, just as long as it legal and in good faith you can establish your own business using Fiverr as platform to work from anywhere you want to in the world. Just remember that $5 is simply worth a certain amount of your time and effort. With that being said, don’t be discouraged to set a higher price than you initially sought for.

Here are three simple steps on how to make money using Fiverr:

Step 1: Earn traffic by auto-surfing websites on any laptop or computer.

Step 2: Sell the traffic on Fiverr.

Step 3: Profit and Earn Money.

The best explanation for newcomers:

Step 1: Start auto-surfing websites to earn traffic credits. Auto-surf sites allows you to login and have any computer automatically surf and visit other random sites. Receive credits for ever webpage visited online. Now, use the credits to get traffic on your own sites (or your Fiverr customers). Many sites exist for this purpose but very few will actually be in your interest. Often you’d find it is not an equal 1:1 ratio in credits, since auto-surf sites will usually sell any left over extra credits.

Basically you’re set once it’s up and running. Run it at night or during your free time on your machine, or on a VM (Virtual Machine). For more traffic credits all you need are machines with their own available ip addresses. With 3 virtual machines, each with their own IP addresses, you could garner close to thousands of views daily, making sure they’re running at the same time.

The top sites for this are Hitleap and Ebesucher. Simply because it works. Referral Link: Non Referral Link:

Step 2: Selling Traffic. After those credits from traffic exchange website all you need is to determine exactly that traffic will be packaged and sold to the public. Selling traffic is not going to make you money that easy. As any good SEO or Marketing Guru will tell you, it’s all in how you package and present it.

Here’s one example for my readers, sell YouTube views easily with the submission box at Hitleap or Ebeuscher just send the link and traffic will directly be sent to it. The same concept applies to other social media sites where views and plays are a key player in popularity charts like Soundcloud, Instagram, or even including your own website.

The best way to sell traffic is to target sites which reward you for views etc. Most of YouTube rankings deal with how quickly the content gets playback/views. It’s a good way to help leverage someone’s content into the public eye.

People usually understand they are not “actual” visits but help to boost their image into popularity. Also people love having bragging rights, “LOOK!! I have 800 views!”.

Keep in mind a 1 to 1 ratio is nearly impossible. YouTube, for example, likes to wait a couple of hours or so before going public with all the views on the video.

Step 3: Profit. Fiverr money will “release” your money after two weeks. But you also have another option, get some customers to purchase a better deal from your with Paypal. Through Paypal you will receive your money in as little as same day delivery! and you can get your money right away(I have a Paypal debit card so that’s nice). Think outside the box and be creative. You can make a lot of money on Fiverr with the right approach and execution.

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