How to Write SEO Friendly Articles, Advanced Guide

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles, Advanced Guide 1Creating, designing and managing a blog is not a big deal today, it can be done in a short period of time and that too without any technical knowledge. But writing SEO friendly articles is quite a challenging task, however, if you become an expert in SEO you can make any article very easily SEO friendly. But it is very complicated for beginners and perhaps this is why new bloggers are unable to rank their blog posts in the search engine.

If you want to get success in blogging as soon as possible, you don’t have to do much, just you have to learn to write SEO friendly content. Because the search engine will give importance to your blog posts only when your content will be SEO friendly. Otherwise, don’t know how many blogs are created and closed here every day.

How to write SEO friendly article?

Although there is any work, it is important to have sufficient information before doing that so that you can do that work much better. So if you want to write an SEO friendly article, you need to be aware of making the article SEO friendly, although it may take a little while because it may take a lot of information to write the SEO friendly article.

We can make our blog post SEO friendly in two ways. With which search engines will index our blog post quickly and give good ranking, which will increase traffic on our blog very fast.

The first is the use of SEO in writing content, that is, content optimization and the other is the setting of a blog post. I hope you’ll already know SEO if not, read from here what is SEO. Because it is very difficult to write SEO friendly article without knowing SEO.

A lot of things fall under SEO in a blog post, although not every single part can be defined here because in such a case this post can be too long and there is no need to define it here because We have already published articles about it. You can read from here.

There are some things that have the main role in SEO, you always have to use them in your blog posts. If they are not used, blog posts will not be able to achieve a good rank in the search engine.

Content optimization

Blog articles are very important to be optimized according to search engines if your article is search engine friendly, you don’t have to worry about other things.

Because content is our main property. If your property is better, perhaps nothing better than that. If you are a beginner, it will definitely take a little too long to become a better content writer. But if you constantly write content and try to write SEO friendly content, you can rapidly become a very good writer.

Use keywords

However, no blog post becomes SEO friendly by just one thing. But the keyword is the only thing that has the biggest contribution in making blog posts SEO friendly. You may follow all the steps to make your blog post SEO friendly, but unless you use keywords in your post, your article will not become SEO friendly.

Regardless of how long and good article you write, it is useless to expect any ranking/position in the search engine without keywords. And as far as the top position is concerned, forget about the top position. Therefore, understand the keyword deeply and use it in all your content so that you can make all your content SEO friendly and give your blog posts a better rank in the search engine.

We’ve already published content about the keyword in which we’ve deeply explained the keywords, what is a keyword and how to use it in the blog posts.

  • What is keyword density and what is the appropriate density for a blog post?

Select your favorite topic for blog posts

However, there is no restriction on what content you should write and what not to write about. But still, I would suggest you to blogging on just one topic. By the way, there are many blogs/websites which have contents on multiple topics, and they have also got immense success. You can also become a successful blogger by publishing content on multi topics, but it can definitely be a bit too hard.

And if you publish the contents on any one topic, then in the shortest time you can make your blog very popular and can earn a lot. Publishing the contents on any one topic means that your content will be ranked very quickly in the search engine. And traffic will increase rapidly on your blog.

If we publish the contents on multi-topic, we will not get very good results from the search engine and also there will not be much support from the audience. Whereas on any single topic, there is great support from the search engines and audience.

So now you decide for yourself what you want. And in the choice of topic, take special care that you publish the contents on the same topic in which you are interested so that you can write quality content. Because you would know that the content is king. How to choose a better topic for blogging.

Focus on article length

Post length contributes immensely to making blog posts SEO friendly and has many reasons. The first thing is that small article can be similar to any other article. So it’s hard to become too much SEO friendly of your article. So it is useless to expect a good ranking in the search engine.

But when the length of your article will be better, you will write your article accordingly, there is no chance that your article resembles the articles of others. And in such a situation, your article becomes largely SEO friendly, as a result, a good ranking can be found in the search engine.

But increase article length only as per need. If there is little information to be given in the article, it is not necessary to increase its length. Yes, along with article length, you also have to pay attention to article quality. Don’t increase the length of the article unnecessarily, otherwise, your users may be bored with your article. However, if you write any article deeply, the length of the automatic will increase to a great extent. “Remember not to spamming” What is the ideal length of blog post for SEO?

Add external and internal links in the blog post

Links are often used for the convenience of users so that they get the articles of their needs without hassle. But you will be happy to know that links are very helpful in making blog posts SEO friendly.

You already know that there are two types of links internal/external. I hope that you use internal links in your blog and if you do not, start from today because links are also helpful in making blog article SEO friendly.

You use internal links in your blog is quite a good thing, but I would highly recommend that you also use external links in your blog article. All the blog posts need about 4-5 external links with internal links. How to add external and internal links in the blog posts.

Content image

Images are very beneficial for articles, do not be left behind in adding images to your articles, use images in all your articles as needed.

Definitely you must have added an image to your article, but you will also have to SEO setting of your article images. I hope you’ll be aware of making images SEO friendly. You must add ALT tag, title, description to the image.

Use headings

Headings are an important part of blog content. You can use as many headings as per your content requirement. Using headings makes our content largely SEO friendly because the use of headings increases the quality of content.

I’ll suggest three tags for headings H2, H3 H4. Now you can use them in your content according to your headings and subheadings. The use of headings also improves the look of content, your content becomes SEO friendly and readability also becomes better. Headings can greatly benefit you in featured snippets. You can see a lot of featured snippets that are mainly based on the heading.

how to create seo friendly content

But I don’t mean that headings will always be used for featured snippets. Rather, normal text is also used. If you are not aware of Google featured snippets, I would suggest you gather information about it. Because you can get a lot of traffic through featured snippets. How to create and optimize content for Featured snippets.

Content Setting

I hope your content is fully optimized. So now your next step is content setting. The content setting contains external elements of content that are as follows.

Use custom permalink

Permalink is essential for blog content. Because a user comes to our blog post through permalink and when you type content, WordPress automatically generates its permalink. But you should not use the auto-generated permalink, rather you should make custom permalink of your blog content.

That is, remove the stop words from your permalink and use the keywords according to the post. Do not make the permalink too big nor too small. Although you can change any content permalink whenever you want, it would be better that you make your permalink SEO friendly while publishing content. How to create a custom permalink for the blog post.

Post title

You know how much title is important for blog posts because the title is a core part of the article. And we have to make it effective. But we have to make our article also SEO friendly. Because ignoring any part of the article can be our biggest mistake. Perhaps our blog article may not become completely SEO friendly. How to create quality and SEO friendly title for the blog post.


Focus on the description of the article, because the description is also a part of our content, although it is another matter that the content description is not visible to the users. But for your information, I want to tell you that search engines show only the description of blog content in their search results. However, as per need, search engines can show any paragraph/text from your content.

But it doesn’t matter what the search engines show in the description of your content in the search results. Rather, it matters that the description of your content should be SEO friendly so that search engines can give a better position to your content. Learn from here how to create a better blog post description.

Add share buttons to blog post

Although adding share buttons to content will not make your content SEO friendly in any way but due to share buttons. Because there are chances that your content will be shared by your users. If this happens then definitely your blog will grow very fast.

But remember that users share content only when that content is informative when they like the content. Therefore, pay attention to content quality as well. And anyway, I almost always suggest you improve content quality in all your posts. I hope you will write quality content only.

I have given you two ways to make blog posts SEO friendly, but if it is a matter which is more important in both of these, then content optimization is definitely more important in it. But that doesn’t mean you ignore content setting at all. Because the content setting is also largely responsible for making blog posts SEO friendly.

Perhaps now you can make your blog posts SEO friendly, although we have given you very accurate information, by reading, which anyone can make their blog posts SEO friendly. But even after reading this article, if you are not able to make your blog posts SEO friendly, it is your fault. Maybe you are not able to focus on blogging or some other reason. Anyway, we are not interfering with your personal life.

But if you’re having a problem in blogging or making blog post SEO friendly, you can feel free to discuss it with us.

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