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Indexing Backlinks 2021

hello there my name is chris palmer andin today’sbacklink indexing video i am going toshare with you a tipa hack a technique a strategy that willallow you to start getting your pagesindexed along with whatever pages you’relinking out to so of course i do notwant towaste any time at all zero time i wantto get directly into the video i want togo ahead and point out this linkbecause i’m coming out with multiple.

with that being said have you ever cameto a pageever at all and came to a website andsaw something like this it was just ablank space where an ad should beor perhaps you came to a website and sawsomething like this it’s just an adsitting thereright just says oh google ads there’snothing there it’ll say a privacy policythis generally happens when it’s a brandnew adsense account orthe ad has just been added to the page.

backlinkindexing method or pack whatever youwant to call itincludes having an adsense account soyou mightneed to get an adsense account like thisthis is called google adsense and whatgoogle adsense isis a platform of where you can putbanner ads and things like thisonto a site that you might own now withthat being said when you first put theads on i want to draw this out first and.

but first and foremostwhat i want to share with you is thisall rightso you have a website all rightyou get it you then get it approvedwe’ll put an a for approvedyou create a page all right you put aad on that page all rightit takes a little bit for that ad tostart to display and there’s somethingthat needsto happen before the ad is going todisplay.

crawland index that site there’s two types ofindexing forward-facingall right and the main index but itneeds to index and crawl that sitebefore it can actuallydisplay all right now we’re going tomake a green boxdisplay the ad googlehas to come and crawl make sure thecontent is okaybefore it can display an ad period and astatement they’re not putting their.

on a page or a website that’s notthat’s not up to par all right eventhough your site got approved hey thesite’s okay but we need to check thispage before we display anythingnow with that being said on this pagewe we got the ads to displaybut on this page there’s also linksdo follow links outbound links perhapson anorphan page on your website a bunch oflinkswith a google ad and we want to get it.

sometimes this takes a little time butwhere the trick or the hack is is i’mgoing to go ahead and share that withyou nowi’m going to share not on the whiteboardbut visuallyutilizing this website if you have aparticular page let’s saylet’s say it is this page and you haveyour links on your sitehow you can get the indexation and thecrawling to happenfaster is you take your adsense code.

using wordpress or an html page orwhatever you’re usingyou’re going to put the snippet the codeinto the webpagewhat you then need to do is add yourlinks to that pageand continuously go to the page andcontinuously hit the refresh buttonuntil the ad displays remember like imentioned beforeon here you’re going to have your brandnew page you put the ad on the page it’snot going to display until.

that pageso go to the page keep refreshing yourweb page after you add your adsense codeand then go and check the index iguarantee you a hundred percentthat page and whatever you’re linking tois going to be crawledand run a test all right so let’s sayyou have something like thislet’s say you’re even doing somethingreally spammy like this let’s say youput up an orphan pagesomething like this you put the ads on.

right you have your adsense code andlet’s say you have something superspammy like these links herelike let’s take this one for instancewe’re gonna copy itwe’ll open up a new incognito windowwe’ll go to googleright let’s say you did something likethis you got your site approved you putthe code on there you keptrefreshing until the ad showed upyou got a super spammy blog like this ijust put a bunch of random links on here.

check the server log i guarantee yougoogle came to the page whatever you’relinking out to iguarantee you check your server logs ibet you a million bucksgoogle came to that page right i lovethis stuffi’m just getting excited so here takethis look at this you go to site colonand let’s go ahead and throw this sitein here and let’s seebam there it is so my name is chrispalmer.

to have fun with it it’s a little hackit’s a little tip it’s a littletechniquei shared this inside my group uh theother dayi was just going over the video footagei was going to pull it out but i didn’twant to edit it but my name is chrispalmerif you have any future questions relatedto seohow to index backlinks indexing methodsor if you want to see some new methods.

all right get on the list i look forwardto seeing youin the next video i can’t wait to seeyou have a great daygoodbye

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