WarriorPlus Review Products Uncategorized My Shed Plans *top Aff Makes $50k/month!* ~9% Conversions

My Shed Plans *top Aff Makes $50k/month!* ~9% Conversions

My Shed Plans *top Aff Makes $50k/month!* ~9% Conversions

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Planning To Build A Shed?

Start building amazing sheds the easier way with a collection of 12,000 shed plans!


Want To Build Sheds Like These?

Select from our library of thousands of styles and designs!

amazing outdoor shedsdownload outshed shed plans

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step-By-Step Instructions

Our plans include complete step-by-step details. If you are a first time builder trying to figure out how to build a shed, you’re in the right place!

Easy-To-Follow Plans

Easy-To-Follow Plans

Our plans are designed to be easy to follow by anyone, in other words no blueprint reading experience necessary.

Complete Materials List

Complete Materials List

Get materials list for every project so you’ll know exactly what you need to start building.

Ryan Henderson

Ryan Henderson

Ryan Henderson sign

Professional Craftsman,

“Shed Master”, Educator

Hey, Ryan here —

Woodworking publishers HATE what I’m about to reveal.

You see…

…I’m about to reveal some EMBARRASSING secrets woodworking publishers don’t want YOU to know.

I’ve been exactly where you are.

I bought a shed plan… started to follow it… got the 2×4’s, the tools, and even started cutting to size.

And then, there I was… STUCK. Screaming in my head…

” How Do You Get From This Point In The Plan To This Part?! “

If you’ve worked on any kind of project, you get exactly what I’m talking about.

Most shed blueprints don’t work.

They are either too complicated or too dumbed down. With incomplete or just plain wrong instructions, they’ll have you tearing your hair out by the end of it.

Well, here’s why:

” Woodworking Plans Sold by Big Publishers AREN’T EVEN WRITTEN BY WOODWORKERS! “

They’re written by ghostwriters who’ve never touched a piece of lumber or a chisel in their LIFE!

They could NEVER tell if a step didn’t make sense or not.

ONLY someone with EXPERIENCE, building LOTS of projects — AND teaching it to others — would have an clue of exactly what a plan needed to include, so…

confused over shed plans

” …You’ll NEVER need to Worry About Cutting the Wrong Size, Spin In Circles or Waste Time Trying To Figure Out What Goes Where… “

And let’s not even get into trying to “Wing it”.

You and I are well aware how that’ll end up.

Here’s the deal: If you’re going to invest the time, money and energy in building a shed yourself…

…Then make sure the plan you’re using has EVERYTHING you need to get it done in:

  • The easiest…
  • Most inexpensive , and…
  • The fastest way possible.

Easier said than done!

Well, hang tight. I’ve gotcha covered.

To create the kind of shed, your neighbors and other woodworkers will secretly ENVY (while mumbling “nice job” under their breath)…

diy shed plans

Examples of sheds you’ll get in RyanShedPlans

… Here’s What a PERFECT Shed Plan NEEDS to Include:

1. Views of ALL Angles & Details

shed plan designs

See EXACTLY how everything should look BEFORE you build them.

Most plans don’t.

You end up building a part of your shed that LOOKS like the drawing… but it ISN’T.

But you missed it because the plan didn’t show you each angle!

And the only way you find out, is at the end when you’ve wasted all that time, money and sweat… and nothing fits together.

2. Step By Step “LEGO” Instructions

Detailed instructions should be so simple that a kid could do it.

Just like LEGO instructions.

So detailed that you know exactly what you’re doing every step of the way. No complicated instructions that will have you scratching your head or confusing technical jargon.

Many other plans assume you’re experienced enough to tell what the next step is.

When instructions are THIS clear, your shed BUILDS ITSELF.

All the pieces just “Click” into place.

When the steps are “LEGO clear”, building PERFECT shed is more like putting a bunch of Lego Blocks together.

No. Wait. Not Lego… more like DUPLO blocks!

Step By Step “LEGO” Instructions for sheds

3. Complete and Precise Materials and Cutting Lists

Complete “materials and cutting lists” that actually makes sense! When I say complete, I mean COMPLETE. Your shed is only as good as the materials you use to buy them.

It allows you to buy exact amounts. And also what you don’t need to buy right now.

It saves time and cuts down waste. It saves money. Because you only buy EXACTLY what you need… and WHEN you need it.

Most shed plans:

  • Don’t tell you everything you need…
  • Don’t tell you what a piece of material is going to be used for. (You end up with wood scattered all over your workspace)
  • Don’t give you EXACT measurements to cut your lumber.

A PERFECT shed plan will NEVER leave you guessing or scratching your head.

storage shed plans

4. 3 Dimensional Drawings

shed designs and blueprints

Other plans show you only 1-sided views. That is not enough.

You’ll still be wondering if you put a wondering if you put a “joint” or a “frame” together the right way because you didn’t view it in 3D.

5. CAD Designed Drawings

outdoor shed designs
 shed CAD Designed Drawings

CAD designed drawings show you EXACT proportions.

It’s unbelievable, but so many plans show completely WRONG dimensions.

Or even HAND-Drawn plans that are a joke.

Which of the two would you rather use?
shed dimensions

6. “Used For” Labels

shed plans cutting lists

Just because a PILE of 2×4’s are scattered across your backyard, doesn’t mean you’re going to use all of them right way.

Some will sit around, occupying valuable space, all the way until the last step.

And you say to yourself, “Man! I could’ve bought that separately, and had more work space this whole time?!?!? Why didn’t the plan say so!”

How Do I Know This Is What Makes The “Perfect” Woodworking Plan?

I know because I’ve taught tons of people to build stunning , inspiring and professional looking sheds, that that leave you in AWE.

Not only did I teach friends…

… I’ve taught absolute newbies , without ANY experience at all …

…And they created the perfect shed THE VERY FIRST TIME.

So, I know it’s not a fluke.

So here’s what I’ve got for you:

Perfect Woodworking Plan

Photo of me in my workshop teaching the basics of shed design

12,000 “Perfect” Shed Plans So Clear, So Complete, So Easy To Use… The Shed Practically Builds Itself…

All 12,000 shed plans designed by ME…

…a living, breathing woodworker whose taught dozens of first-time-woodworkers to build STUNNING, master-level shed’s time and time again.

You’ll be accessing my VAULT of “Perfect Shed Plans” for thousands of designs


Ryan’s Perfect Shed Plans Collection

  • 12,000 shed plans covering all types and styles from large to small
    Each plan contains all the components of the “perfect shed plan” that I showed you above.
  • A complete and exact list of materials
    This includes cutting lists & tools, with clear labels showing what they each item is used for. (So you can buy JUST what you need, budget better and multiply your floor space).
  • LEGO style assembly instructions.
    So the shed ends up just “Clicking” together at the end. Every part will fit PERFECTLY
  • 3D CAD designed images
    You see from ALL angles, what each part is SUPPOSED to look like before you start building

These “Perfect” Shed Plans Are The Most Complete… Easy-To-Use and Clear Plans You Will Find — ANYWHERE!

Step-By-Step, A-Z Details

Step-By-Step, A-Z Details

You won’t hit a wall, feeling lost with what to do next. The plan will hold your hand from step 1 and guide you along each step.

Easy To Follow Shed Plans

Easy To Follow Shed Plans

All the planning done for you… so you never have to worry when you start building your first shed.

Complete Materials List

Complete Materials List

You won’t have to make several trips to Home Depot to pick up that ONE little thing that was left out of the instructions…

Color Photos and Instructions

Illustrated with Color Photos and Instructions

You won’t be guessing whether you’ve got it right not. You’ll have complete confidence each step of the way, that your shed will come together perfectly.

You get thousands of designs and styles of sheds!

From large outhouses, garages to small storage and garden sheds…

Thousands of shed designs

large shed plans and roofs

Covers ALL Types of Roofs

Including: Gable Roof, Gambrel Roof, Hip Roof, Pent Roof, SaltBox Roof, Bonnet Roof, Pyramid, Shed Roof, Flat & Others…

Listen to What Our Members Are Saying:

The truth is, woodworkers and hobbyists from all walks of life have benefited greatly from this package and and testimonials like these started to flow into my email inbox:

FAR less than what it cost in retail…

Thomas Rawnsley

“You could spend hundreds of dollars to build your shed… but with Ryan’s plans I managed to build my storage shed for far less than what it costs in retail!”

Thomas Rawnsley Abrams, WI

Some of the best I’ve ever seen…

Paul Daigle

“Hey Ryan, just wanna let you know that your materials some of the best that I’ve ever seen. One of your bonuses really sold me and it was the guide to woodworking techniques.

Thanks again for your wonderful work and most of all for sharing your work in such a generous way.”

Paul Daigle San Francisco, CA

Some of the nicest sheds I’ve seen in a while

Earl Herring

“I’ve been a builder for many years and have seen quite a fair bit of sheds. The plans in Ryan’s package has some of the nicest looking sheds I’ve seen in a while.”

Earl Herring Richmond, TX

Don’t crawl…Run to get this now!

Douglas Beck

“If you love woodworking, don’t crawl. Run to get this now! Over the years, I’ve bought many books and plans. This is, hands down the best and the most bang for buck of all of them.”

Douglas Beck Concord, NH

Designs on all your sheds are exceptional!

Paul Roberts

“Ryan, just dropping a note to let you know how stoked I am with your package. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. The quality of the designs on all your sheds are simply exceptional! Loved all the photos and systematic step by step approach.”

Paul Roberts Atlanta, GA

Great for a novice builder like myself…

Aaron Knox

“I’ve used Ryans shed plans to build a 8×10 outdoor shed for my kids. Clear directions and materials list assisted me, a non-builder, in completing the shed I wanted. Its great for a novice builder like myself!”

Aaron Knox Moreno Valley, CA

Details are easy and straight forward!

Pat Quinn

Great stuff there Ryan! Plans and construction details are easy and straight forward. The designs are really nice yet practical. Thank you!

Pat Quinn Abrams, WI

Turned out nice looking and sturdy!

Simon Holt

“Ryan, just wanted to you know that I’ve completed my outdoor shed and it turned out nice looking and sturdy. Not to toot my horn but it is way better than the sheds that many of my neighbors had put up.”

Simon Holt Antioch, TN

More Reviews From Our Facebook Fans:

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our fans have posted on our Facebook page!

ryanshedplans facebook testimonials

Your Purchase is 100% Risk-Free

You see, I’ve helped over 4,000+ woodworkers, create and build sheds the easier way.

By using all the plans and blueprints — I have helped home owners and establishments alike construct remarkable looking sheds and woodworking projects at the fraction of the cost they would normally pay!

In fact, I’m so proud and confident of my “Perfect Shed Plans”, I’ll stamp them with my…

RyanShedPlans Money Back Guarantee

You have 60 full days to try Ryan’s Shed Plans ON ME – risk-free.

Either you’re overwhelmed by the positive results or you pay nothing.

If you don’t find that these plans are the easiest plans you’ve ever used…

If you don’t find our service and attention to your satisfaction top-notch… OR even if you don’t like the FONT I use in the book… it doesn’t matter… I’ll refund your money.

All you need to do is email me, and I will cheerfully give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings.


Plus… if you get it right now, I’ll throw in these 4 special bonuses for you.

Free Bonus #1

Advanced Woodworking Tips

Advanced Woodworking Tips

After years of woodworking, experimenting with different techniques, trading notes with other experts and teaching beginners to get their woodworking chops up to a master-level — fast…

…I collected some techniques that were even more advanced than anything you’ll find in before.

They were “little” things…

…minor adjustments here and there (in my setup, in my tool care, my planning, etc.)…

…that suddenly enabled me to create jaw-dropping projects more consistently in the last two years than I’ve ever experienced in the prior 10 years!

VALUE: $129

Free Bonus #2

Magic Modifications

Magic Modifications

This worksheet will show you how to modify the dimensions of ANY of the sheds you choose.

Make your shed fit ANY area or space you want.

There is NO guesswork at all. Use my worksheet and you’ll get the precise cuts and lengths you need to modify your shed exactly the way you want it.

VALUE: $79

Free Bonus #3

Directory of Suppliers

Woodworking Directory of Suppliers

Find ANY woodworking supply, equipment or tool anywhere, anytime.

This directory is the latest, most up-to-date and comprehensive directory of suppliers and wholesalers to date.

Even those hard to find, rare exotic woods, will be within reach.

See what exists in your town or have it mailed to you.

You can do it with this directory.

VALUE: $39.95

Free Bonus #4

400 Woodworking Plans

400 Woodworking Plans

Over 400 more woodworking plans for every project you can dream of…

  • All the necessary materials for the particular wood work design are prepared
  • Full detailed diagrams with the right set of dimensions
  • Step by step instructions guiding you how to start from scratch
  • Woodworking tools are provided in every plan designs
VALUE: $97

“ Hey Ryan! I just want to thank you for offering your set of plans for sale. The quality of the directions are stellar. Plans are clear and simple, every thing I need including a great material list that lets me apply pricing to each item. I can’t wait until Spring weather to get started on my new storage building! ”

Perry Lyons

Perry LyonsRacine, WI

“Waking up on a Sunday morning, excited for the fact that I’m finishing the 12×20 shed that I got from your site. Thank you Ryan! You’ve saved me at least $3000 buying a pre-built kit from my local store. With the right plans, you’ve made me realize that building a shed is not as difficult as I thought… ”

Ivan Page

Ivan PageMedford, OR

Your woodworking efforts will be a thoroughly satisfying, enjoyable and ego-boosting experience!

You will no longer dread the next time you sit in front of your shed plan.

Your buddies will watch in awe as you put up your shed with the precision of a veteran woodworker.

Speaking from experience, I hope you can handle a lot of other woodworkers’ envy — because you’re going to get your fair share of it.

But actually, what you’ll really be getting is their…

• Respect…

• Admiration…

• Praise…

…and a lot of people begging you to tell them your secret !

You, of course, won’t mind this a bit. Your account balance will start overflowing like a dike in a storm. You’ll be getting offers to build sheds for your friends and colleagues.

And your biggest concern will figuring out how much to charge for your “expert” advice.

In a nutshell…

Jim and Anthony building sheds

Our customers, Jim and Anthony building a shed in their backyard

You’ll Finally Experience Professional Shed Building As It’s Supposed To Be!

Like it or not, you’re going to be building gorgeous , professional-grade sheds in less time…

…and with higher accuracy because of the incredibly clear and complete instructions that give you a clear view of every step you need to take — before you take it.

Look, building a shed shouldn’t be this hard.

You’ll discover how to build a beautiful, professional looking shed in as little time as weekend without having to take out a second loan!

Right Now You’ve 3 Options:

Option 1:

“Just Wing It”

You may have some experience with woodwork.

You may think you can roll the dice and get it done on your own.

More power to you. Go for it.

Option 2:

Stick with other “Roll The Dice” shed plans

You may not mind having to go back to Home Depot 2 or 3 times.

Then hunt down one of the employees (which takes about 10 – 20 minutes) and hopefully they can fill in the holes in the plan you’re using.

And maybe — just MAYBE — you’d get the shed complete.

And if you’re LUCKY… you won’t have those aggravating misalignments that stand out like eye-sores.

It’s fine if you want to do this.

Most people do. Then again, most people give up. And spent about 3 to 4 TIMES what they should.

Option 3:

“Get A Sure Thing”

shed roof details

Have a plan that you can take to the Hardware store ONCE…

…Get everything you need ONCE…

…Finish each step ONCE.

Avoid, wondering if you are doing it right.

Be able to see what it’s supposed to look like from all angles on paper, so you KNOW you got it right at each stage.

And at the last step, when everything comes together, they come together PERFECTLY.

Every edge, every joint, every part fitting PERFECTLY.

And VIOLA! You have a stunning, perfect, shed that looks like a professional woodworker made it.

And best of all, you saved money … saved time … had fun … and avoided a load of stress.

Here’s what to do now….

Go ahead and try my shed plans package for your self completely RISK FREE.

Get A Special Discount Price Today:

In addition to how much you’ll love “Ryan’s Shed Plans”, you’ll also like the fact that it’s affordable.

You see, I’m giving a SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE to woodworkers like you who are on this page right now.

For everyone else, when I decide to raise the price, these plans will cost $297.

And the bonus will be sold separately

But if you order today at the introductory , the price is only $37 .

That’s an INSTANT $260 savings just for ordering right now.

Plus, you also get all 4 special bonuses I described a moment ago — a $340 value, absolutely FREE.

And, you’re fully protected by my guarantee.

To get your copy, simply click the “Add To Cart” button below…

Here’s What You Get When You Order Now:

12,000 Shed Plans and Designs

You get instant access to over 12,000 shed plans and designs covering all types and sizes in an online members area. Covers large out buildings to compact storage sheds and everything in between!

Free Limited-Time Bonuses

Get $340 worth of time-limited bonuses if you order today. Bonuses include: “Advanced Woodworking Tips” book, “Magic Modifications”, directory of suppliers and 400 woodworking plans.

Highly Detailed Instructions, Drawings & Cutting Lists

Get LEGO style assembly instructions, 3D CAD images, cutting lists, list of materials, views from all angles and all details for each shed plan.

Special Introductory Price + Money Back Guarantee

You get a special introductory price if you order today backed by an ironclad 100% money-back guarantee.

Retail: $97

Special Launch Offer: $37


Click Here To Get Instant Access to 12,000 Plans & Bonuses
One time payment. No hidden charges.

(I reserve the right to end this introductory price at anytime without warning)

P.S. My plans covers every single thing you need to build an impressive new shed that will get the awe and respect of the most seasoned woodworker.

But you have to see them to appreciate what I’ve put together for you.

P.P.S. And since you take NO RISK because of 60 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee, you’d be foolish to pass up this opportunity!

Click here to order now and you’ll get INSTANT access to the download page.

I assure you — you won’t be disappointed! See you on the inside…

Couldn’t be happier with the results!

Kent Church
Kent Church, Danielson, CT

“Bought the plans and my son and I built the shed on his property. Couldn’t be happier with the results. Great product…full of precise dimensions and ideas for us. Thank you!

Best investment I’ve made in a long time…

Linden Coleman
Linden Coleman, Winston-Salem, NC

“This collection of shed plans is the best investment I’ve made in a long time. It contains all you need to start on any shed.. materials lists, estimated costs, step by step details. It gave me the tools to build a truly awesome garden shed for my family”

Retail: $97

Special Launch Offer: $37


Click Here To Get Instant Access to 12,000 Plans & Bonuses
One time payment. No hidden charges.

(I reserve the right to end this introductory price at anytime without warning)

Still Have Questions?

What exactly do I get? And is this a one-time cost?

You get instant access to download all 12,000 shed plans in an online members area. You’ll get lifetime access with no expiry date to the members page.

You also have the option to get the 2 CD edition.

This is a ONE-TIME payment. There are NO recurring fees.

Can I build this shed on my own?


We designed our sheds for DIY beginners with instructions so detailed that anyone can get started building their first shed.

How long does it take to build my shed?

It usually takes 1 day for experienced woodworkers and 3-5 days for complete beginners.

How professional are the plans?

All plans are designed and drafted by me with the help of several professional craftsmen and certified architects.

How much does materials cost to build the sheds?

The cost of the shed depends on the size and the quality of materials you choose. For a 10×8 shed, it would cost about $900 vs buying a prebuilt shed that would cost more than $3000. For a 12×20 shed, it would cost $1000-$1500 vs a prebuilt shed that costs close to $5000.

Retail: $97

Special Launch Offer: $37


Click Here To Get Instant Access to 12,000 Plans & Bonuses
One time payment. No hidden charges.

(I reserve the right to end this introductory price at anytime without warning)

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