WarriorPlus Review Products Reviews NFT COLLECTION Maker Review |OTOS| Don’t Buy Before Watching This Video

NFT COLLECTION Maker Review |OTOS| Don’t Buy Before Watching This Video



nft collection maker review

Generate Massive Crypto NFT Art Collections Automatically With TTC AI Tech & Have Them Ready For Sale With As Little Effort As Humanly Possible. Unlimited Traits, Deep Rarity Setting & Not-Available Anywhere Else Multi-Image Traits

nft collection maker review

NFT Collection Maker app launches Oct 12th. BUY HERE 

As many of you know, I took 2 months completely off to focus on NFT Collection Maker to make sure it is the best it could be.

This is a very needed tool and there are no others like it on the market.

It is really the first app of its kind.

You can find info about the product in my personal video above, sales video, and demo below.

This product is super easy & straightforward to use for artists, and anybody who hires artists on fiverr, freelancer.com, upwork etc.

In short, NFT Collection Maker allows everybody to have their own NFT collections created without any technical experience.

NFT Collection Maker is a blockchain agnostic, so you can use it to make massive NFT art collections for Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom etc

It is priced on the front end below 0.1 eth, which is basically almost nothing for anybody who buys NFTs.

The PRO upsell is priced below 0.17 eth, which is a common floor price of just one NFT on OpenSea for a lot of projects, just after a mint sells out.

There is absolutely no reason for anybody either interested in NFT or considering having their own collection made, not to buy it.

I predict that the NFT Collection Maker app will be selling like a hot cake both during the launch and as evergreen after it.

I expect an easy double digit EPC.

hi i am bj welcome to my videoif you interest in this kind of stuffhit the subscribe button below andsubscribe to my channelif you interest to purchase the productcheck the link in the description belowplus you get a lot of bonuses when youpurchase this product through my link inthe descriptionshare me the purchased detail throughscreenshot on my instagrami provide you a lot of bonuses myinstagram details are given in the.

let’s start the video groundbreaking appfor non-artists makesmotion nft crypto art which you can sellon ebay-like sites to collectors andspeculatorsforever automatically collect passiveperpetual royalties every time your nftsget resoldget info how to use your nfts to bringtraffic to your listing to sell ismany art pieces is humanly possible atthe best pricesworld’s one motion nft maker app with.

technology convert any photo and imageto crypto art nftvery easy to use thanks craai tacincludes free software updatesdesktop based no cloud lag and delayscommercial license includedhere’s how easy motion nft maker is tousestep 1. select the picture step 2.selectthe areas you want to animate step 3.exportmake motion crypto art nfts by simply.

are you ready to discover the first tomarket groundbreaking app withproprietary craaitechnology which allows you to makemotion crypto art nfts by simplyclicking your mouseif so i’m about to show you how you cansell them on ebay-like sites tocollectors investors and speculators andnot only charge one-time paymentsbut also forever automatically collectpassive royalties every time your nftgets resold on the secondary market.

liftingand because craai technology does allthe heavy lifting it is mathematicallyalmostimpossible for you to not get anycollector-worthy resultseven if you have not made any art inyour entire life and have no techexperience at allplus you will get all the info you needon how to use your crypto art nftsthemselves to bring trafficto your listing so you can sell as many.

avoid the so-called minting fee untilyour crypto art nft is already soldon top of that inside the member areayou will get important resources on howyou can avoid the so-called minting feeuntil your crypto art nft is alreadysoldand don’t worry making crypto art doesnot include you doing anything taxingtiresome or boringbecause of our proprietary craaitechnologyanyone can make nft ready crypto art.

what crypto art ntf is let me give you aquick explanation in layman terms whatcrypto art ntfis and what is that minting i mentioneda moment ago without goinginto technical details nft basicallymeans digital age art which works thesame as real world art just onlinebut there is a very important twist itis minted to a blockchainwhat nft minting is the minting is adigital engraving of the art into ablockchain.

it can change the ownerthe result of the minting of art iscalled nfton the high level nft simply means oneof the kindwhat gives cryptoart nfts its value itis that blockchain immutability thatgives crypto art nfts its value becauseart minted to nft can demonstrateverifiable identity and scarcitynfts are just the latest realization ofa passion that is a natural part ofhuman psychology.

everything you need to know about cryptoart minting and nftdiscover the crazy world of crypto artntfs and how a non-artist can get inso if you are ready to discover thecrazy world of crypto art ntfsand how a non-artist can get in seldomand collect passive royalties keepwatchinglet’s talk first about how the passiveroyalties work on the example of a topcrypto art sold and how creators canactually have better results from the.

sale when their art is suddenlydiscovered or frequently tradedfor example business insider wrote thata previously relatively unknown artistgoing by the name of people set theautomatic royalties to 10on his crypto nft arts top sale69 millions dollars for a jpgfile minted to blockchain is nft resultsare not typicalyou may get worse better or no resultsat allhe originally sold one of his crypto art.

deal of money at the time of the salewell after the art he already sold waspicked up by christie’s art auctionhouse it sold for 69millions of dollars to the highestbidder you heard it right69 millions of dollars for a jpg fileminted to the blockchain is nft6.9 million dollars in automatic passiveroyaltiesand it is where the power of automaticpassive royalties kickedin for him he got 10 percent automatic.

sales so he passively got 6.9 milliondollars which was way way more than theoriginal sale price he sold it forthe crazy part is that until just sixmonths before that 69 million dollarsalethe most people whose real name is mikewinkelmann charged for his print was 100results are not typical you may getworse better or no results at allfrom max art price of 100 to 69 milliondollars within six monthsso he went from charging a maximum of.

auctioned for 69 million dollars withinsix monthsin this example you can also clearly seethe incentive for crypto art investorsand speculators who hope that they canresell the art for a higher pricethat people’s sale was the biggest todate but there are many not too shabbyother sales like for example cryptopunk3100which is one of 10 000 unique cryptopunkimages sold for 7.58 million dollarsan image named crossroads sold for 6.6.

the first ever twitter tweet sold for2.9 million dollarsif you interest to purchase the productcheck the link in the description belowplus you get a lot of bonuseswhen you purchase this product throughmy link in the descriptionshare me the purchased detail throughscreenshot on my instagrami provide you a lot of bonuses myinstagram details are given in thedescriptionthere are more crypto art nfts sold.

there is more crypto art nfts sold abovea million dollars many of them sold withmultiple six six-figures price tags andeven more for over six figuresmeme images are also selling like crazyas crypto art nfts with sales above sixfigures for somepeople who made those top nfts get hugepassive royalties every time theircrypto art is resoldand they will continue getting them foras long as the blockchain is aroundof course the chance is to hit it big.

single crypto art nft for unknown peopleor slimit is because a lot of times it is pureluck for the art to be discovered but ifyou do not have any listed the chancesare zero and no amount of luck can helpno matter if you get lucky and hit itbig or notyou can still charge a smaller amountand collect passive royaltiesthe value of crypto art is determined byhow much people are willing to spendbut someone was willing to spend that.

value of that crypto arttons of people are cashing in on sellinglow-priced crypto art nftsthe fact is tons of people are cashingin on selling low-priced crypto art nftson ebay-like websitesfor example the economic times magazinereported that unknown digital artistslike india-based hassan are floodingmarketplaces with their creations thatare fetching payments and value who isbuying crypto art nftsthey are typically bought by three.

investors and speculators the collectorsbuy crypto are to keep it in theircollection and to show it off aroundinvestors buy to hold for a longerperiod of time in the hope of the valueto increase over time for example whenthe creator gets more popular or becomesfamousscreenshot from fb post of sample nftinvestor taken july 142021. purchased for 700.sold for 40 000 on ebay-like websitelinked to this site is inside the member.

you may get worse better or no resultsat allnot financial advice info about this nftsale is just a report on what happenedthe nft which sold for 69 million100 x the price for the investor forexample the nft which sold for 69million100x the price from the time it wasfirst sold to an investorspeculators on the other hand arelooking to quickly flip the crypto artsfor profit.

collectors can bring you recognitionwhich in turn may boost demand and pricefor your crypto artsnot financial advice it is just a reporton what happenedlet speculators work for you while aftera number of sales you madeinvestors might start to becomeinterested in what you have for sale itwould possibly be either smallercollectors or speculators who can bringyou those few first salessome speculators who buy crypto art on.

very same marketplace just with improveddescription and tags and may broadcastinfo and link the art to a list ofcollectors if they haveone since you may get the royalties fromsecondary sales those speculators areworking for your benefit as the creatoras welltake full advantage of the latest cryptoarts crazein its initial phase the nfts weremostly static images but the marketstarted filling up with those.

and animated crypto artsthis is where if you have the propertool you can lean in and take fulladvantage of that to access those hungrycollectors investors and speculatorsgive yourself a chance to be discoveredby collectors investors and speculatorsintroducing motion nft maker app we callmotionyit turns static images and photos intolive photos that animate and movewith moving images and moving photos youcan stand out from the crowd and.

by collectorsinvestors and speculators turn staticimages like regular photos or any staticgraphics into nft ready moving cryptoartwhat motiony does in a nutshell is turnstatic images like regular photos or anystatic graphicsinto nft ready moving crypto art itseems that the more weird and strangethe motion is the more buyer’s attentionit can command but the opposite is alsotrue.

this is why it is so important to havethe ability to make a wide range ofcrypto art stylesbefore motionary and after make yourcrypto art as weirdor as artistely as you like motionerycan make your static photo or images asweird or strange as you want but it canalso make it as smooth and as artisticas you likeit means that it can cover the widestrange of potential buyer’s tastesbefore motionary and after as easy as it.

tech because motionery uses proprietarycraaitech making those living and movingphotos and images is as easy as it getsplus it allows for each and every partto be unique which brings attractivenessto your nfthere’s how easy motion maker is to usestep 1.choose scene virtual actors and pastetext for each onestep 2. select voice behavior for eachvirtual actor.

and voilayou have just produced a complete videothe coolest demo you’ll ever seeyou can start producing nft ready movingcrypto art in three simple stepsas you can see motionery is easy to useyet a powerful desktop app for anyonetoday i am excited to be releasingmotionery to the worldyou can start producing nft ready movingcrypto art in three simple stepswith no restrictions on the number ofarts that you can make and sell.

market revolutionaryproprietary craai technology it is allpossible with the first to marketrevolutionary proprietary craaitechnology which allows you to makemotion crypto art nfts by simplyclicking your mousethis is why today i am excited to inviteyou to get instant access to motionerywe’re going to give you instant accessto the software you just saw in the demoplus we will give you step-by-steptutorials so you’ll never get lost.

arts as you want in your spare timeand you can sell this nft on ebay likecrypto art marketplacesyou list them and from then on they liveon their own so you can sit backrelax and enjoy the royalties that theycan generateon top of that inside the member areayou will get info about hidden in plainsight big marketplace where you do notneed to pay any minting fee until yourcrypto art sells it does not get anybetter than that.

how to drive traffic tocrypto art listing exposed we will alsogive you access to the method whichshows you exactly how to drive trafficto your crypto art listing from socialmedia to boost your resultsthe crypto art market is projected tokeep growing and when it takes off asthe main way of selling art you could bewell positioned to automatically collectperpetual passive royalties from thesecondary market sales of your cryptoart nfts.

nft market the sooner good things canhappen for youinstant massive savings andgrandfathered access nowthe only question you may have left ishow much is this all going to cost mebecause we believe in rewarding earlyadopters well keep it super simple andeasywe’re going to give you instant accessto motionery for a special time limitedearly adopters pricethat means that if you get access today.

savings and grandfathered accesscra technology is light years ahead ofthe competitiononce an early adopters special ends weplan to charge significantly higherprices to cover all the related costsmotionery’s artificial intelligence cratechnology is light years ahead of thecompetitionand all updates are included so you canalways have the latest versionthis is why you can be confident thatwhatever progress happens over time you.

before motionary and after commerciallicense includedall you need to do to become a motionaryfounding member is to click the buttonbelowyour access will be created immediatelyand you will find everything waiting foryou insidealso if you purchase today it willinclude a commercial license upgradewith no additional costthe free commercial upgrade is availablefor a limited time only and may be.

if you interest to purchase the productcheck the link in the description belowplus you get a lot of bonuseswhen you purchase this product throughmy link in the descriptionshare me the purchased detail throughscreenshot on my instagrami provide you a lot of bonuses myinstagram details are given in thedescriptionif you like this particular content ifyou want to listen to more of this justsubscribe to my channel and.