WarriorPlus Review Products Reviews Rankr Review – ⭐ Demo 👷🏽‍♀️EXCLUSIVE BONUSES 🎁 Tutorial 🔥

Rankr Review – ⭐ Demo 👷🏽‍♀️EXCLUSIVE BONUSES 🎁 Tutorial 🔥

[Music]well hey there good morning goodafternoon good eveningwelcome to my rancor reviewi’m john hooks from john hooks.com and iam here to talk about what ranker isi’m on i’m not in the members areabecause ranker is a plug-in for yourwordpress site and blogso but we will be going through ademo a little bit later in this reviewso i am on my bonus page here which is agood place to start because i certainly.


great bonuses for you when you buyrancor through myaffiliate link todayand so uh let’s get started with allright what is ranker so umranker you know it’s one click seosoftware that unlocks google page 1rankings as well as blingfree buyer traffic and more importantlysales for your businessyou know rank any site on first page ofgoogle by optimizing your site withranker.

september 19that 11 a.m easternand uh soit is available you know by the timethat i do this video i’m doing thisvideo prior to to that but uh when yousee this it’ll already be ready for youto go ahead and you willget to it by clicking on any of my redbanners hereon my bonus page and you can get to mybonus page uh by clicking on it ifyou’re on youtube clicking on the link.

says you know get yourranker and bonuses here or somethinglike thatalsodon’t forget to go ahead and subscribeto my youtube channel while i’m thinkingabout ituh click on the thumbs up you know clickthe bell and we’re off to a good startall right here so i’m on the uh my mybonus page here and so let me skip ondown to my bonus to show you what you’llbe getting from me today uh when you uh.

rancor so bonus number one is uh ytvelocity so you unlock the set andforget free buyer traffic from googleand youtube in just 15 minutesuh bonus number twois affiliate umstart excuse me um affiliate takeover umdrive more leads and sales from demandtraffic from on demand traffic bonusnumber three is called zenobiaunderground method uses automationsoftware to tap into 478 million activebuyers a must have.

is tweet x this is new app that makes me476 dollars every dayall it took was just one to two minutesto uh set up and activate and bonusnumber five is of course all of thevendor bonuses that are being offered toyou by uh trevor and his comrades uh theuhyeah creators of uh rancorand uh there are a few of them there andyou’ll find them on their sales pageall right solet’s get started here i told you that.

like a demo area for you here but i dohave a demo video and so what i’m gonnadois i’m just gonna go ahead and and playthis demo video for youand we’ll uhwe’ll get started from there okayhey guys it’s your friend lah here andthis is a quick demo video of rankerokay so ranker it’s a powerful wordpressplugin uh that allows anyone to get morepatreon rankingsand that way with more page one rankings.

engines and this of course we went up inmarseilles more leads for you and allthat cool stuff okay so ranker it’s apowerful wordpress plugin uh here i’mgonna show you all the main featuresthat this plugin haveand how it will help you to rank itbetter on googleand also help you to get more trafficand leads and sales from the searchengines okay so uh here right quick wehave these uh quick dashboard here thatyou can see uh then you can see we have.

tags uh and also ranker will uhhelp you to optimize your wordpressposts okay so let me show you veryquickly how it works if i go to the posthere and i click add newbefore i show you the other featureshere i’m going to show youthat onesohereyou can add a title for your posts let’ssay i’m doing a post about weight lossso i got a weight loss title here hey.

and i can save as draft here veryquicklyand then as you can see here below thepost you have a field that says optimizeyour post then you can add your keywordhereand the plugin willquickly show you what you need tooptimize in your post you got betterrankings okay so as you can see it’smissing the h1 tag it’s missing thepermalink and it’s missing the out textin the images so two things are right.

to fix on my posts so here you can seewhat you need to fix on your post inorder to rank better on google and thosehere are our ranking factors that youneed in your post in order to you postup here on the search engines okay sovery quicklyeverything you need to to optimizingyour post to to to get your postoptimize it for search engines so that’sthe firstthing thatranker does for you okay another thing.

ranker does it’s allows you to findkeyword ideas and generate tags okay sowordpress tags are very powerful way toget uhmore traffic okay from related keywordsand keyword ideas will give you ideasfor your post and all that stuff so ineed to let’s say i have a post aboutweight loss i just type here weight losssearch and i will be able to quickly seeall those keywords that i can use tocreate my post around or i can just adda stacks so i will able to get related.

soi just select the text i want and iclick add textand then it will add all those tags tomy post and that way i can get moreuhmore traffic from relateduh posts or relatedrelated things to that keywords okaysothat’s the second thing that the rankerwill do for you it will create wordpresstags so let me publish this article here.

the wordpress dashboard and go to thebacking sectionokay so the next step then it’sbacklinks so let me click back linkshere and ranking will create backlinksfor you okay it will open this page hereyou add your domain name and clicksubmit and it will start to createbacklinks for you and also you candownloadthose backlinks as pdf so you can givelike to your clients or to keep youryourself a copy of the the backlinks you.

backlinks for youalso you will be able to create socialsignals so if i want to quickly shareall my posts on social media i will beable to okay i can cut the link of thepost or i can quickly share on socialmedia immediately and i can createsocial signals that will help you mewith the traffic and also with thepatreon rankings okay the above thingsuh that will helphelping me with those bothuh things okay.

then we have seo tags and that’sdifferent from the seo tags from fromthe post okay uh if you want to add textin all your posts with one click youwill be able to do that all you need todo is click this button here and it willcreate thanks for all your posts how topost in your website okay and that wayyou will be able to generate moretraffic uh from the search engines andmore traffic from related keywords uh sothat’s everything that ranker doesbasically it will optimize your site it.

create social signals seo tags and giveyou keyword ideas okay so that’severything it does i hope you enjoyedthis video and i see you on the otherside thanksall right uh there we golet me turn down my uhvolume heresorry that that window was showing doingmost of the demoall right and soum and there you go a pretty quick andsimple uh process there and so let’s.

um you know what it’s all about again ofcourse the main featuresoptimize any posts you want in justseconds as you were able to see you knowyou can find thousands of keywords youcan rank for you can create backlinksfor your site i have done for uso seotagging and a whole lot moreandand that’s all on theuh the sales page when you get to thatso uh pricing so uh start off with forthe front end version of rancor it’s.

were to go over to the sales pagewhich is this here you know you can’thelp but to get this pop-upto use the coupon code ranker off and itgives you a five dollar uh discount allright and so that’s where the 17 excuseme the 795 comes in fromnow the the otherotoswasn’t a lot of information givenup front on that but they’ll be offeredto you and with more information whenyou go through the process.

oto number one is the pro version uh 27or seventeen dollars on the down selluh oto number two is a renker academy uhfor nineteen dollars or twelve dollarson the downselloto number three is the agency licensewhich allows you to add rancor to uhyour client sites uh that’s 27oto number four is the resell licenseallowing you to sell rancor as your ownand keep 100 ofthe profits that’s 97 or 47 on the downsell.

cash from scratch scratch is a jasoncarrwebinar and webinar replays of jasoncarr in therequite a number of them there wasn’t aprice associated with itwhen i got that information soi’m assuming that there’s a cost for ituh unfortunately don’t know what it isokay and so the things to remember aboutrancor you know get on googlepage one easily and quickly unlocksbuyer traffic.

in second finds thousands of keywordsyou can rank for create backlinks foryour sitemade for newbies it’s simple and easy touse unlimited site license for the firstweek only so during the launch weekunlimited site license so go ahead andget this as soon as you’re able to andof course a 30 day money back guaranteeall right we’ve been through the videowe’ve been through uh my bonusesumand.

to the endand uh when you click on thisred banner and it takes you over to thethe sales pageyou willclick on the blue button here that willtake you through to your purchaseprocessandand when that is complete uh throughwarrior plus uh you’ll come to your pagethat looks similar to this you’ll clickon the green button to get your ranker.

button to get the bonuses that i offeredto you todayall rightso uh once again don’t forget tosubscribe to my youtube channel clickthe thumbs up click the bellwe’re good to goand thank you for taking the time out towatch this review of rancor and asalways to your success[Music]you

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