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Why You Need Sendley Today!




Create a messenger based lead funnel for your ecomm business

Step 1: Ask visitors a question (for eg. Send questions like “See if you qualify” or “Are you interested!”) Step 2: Offer valuable content right away(for eg. Here’s what most people want to see when coming to our site)Step 3: Step 3: Collect the most sensitive information last and close(Ask for emails or phone numbers in last and then close on another channel.)



Send Customers holiday invites, pre-order invites, invites to live runway shows, notifications to browse for gifts, and more.

Now, the brand chatbot is more sophisticated as it can automatically connect customers to a customer service representative. You can also use it as a store locator or to find one of the brand’s consultants.

Just by integrating their messenger bot into their marketing strategy, the brand has been able to build trust, loyalty, ad in-store conversions, and engagement.



Publishing articles is not the only thing a blogger needs to do, you could be making podcasts, collaborating with other blogs, doing affiliate marketing, a lot more.

1. Use the first notification to tell your story

2. Share your blog’s latest content

3. Plug in your RSS

4. Launch your ebooks

5. Share your online courses

6. Introduce your readers to your affiliate

7. Invite subscription to your exclusive content

8. Ask for feedback

9. Build email subscribers


Real Estate

Smart Messaging and Reminders of visits or needed checkups with confirmations or re-scheduling, special offer checkup, status

Step #1. The bot is linked with a Facebook ad. When a person clicks on the ad’s CTA button, our bot sends them a welcome message.

Step #2. Once the user clicks either of the buttons, it will trigger the next step and the bot will start nurturing the lead with information about the apartment + understanding what are the needs of the lead.

Step #3. After getting a basic understanding of the user’s preferences and making sure they’re interested in the apartments, it’s time to get that lead and put him in touch


Restaurants and Cafes

A few goals that fast casual food establishments can include

1. Automating / Streamlining Take-out and Delivery Orders

2. Collect orders

3. Send Coupons

4. Send Festival invites

5. Rating and feedback

6. Increase Events booking

7. Personal recommendations

8. Turn customers into advocates



How you can efficiently implement messaging app customer service

Before Vacation

    – Travel consultation via messaging apps

    – Send booking confirmation directly

    – Virtual travel assistants to help with pre-trip questions

During Vacation
    -Inspiration via chat – with chatbot support

    -Send exclusive opportunities

After Vacation
    -Cross-selling and up-selling with personal consultation

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