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in this type 4 cache review i’m going tobe showing you a software that hasmultiple tools inside of it that arecentered around getting you free trafficand making you affiliate commissions andmake sure you stay to the end of thisreview as i’m also going to show you allthe different otos and upgrades how youcan get a discount on every single oneof them and a discount on the offer yousee on the sales page if you’re new tomy channel my name is mike thomas i’m aseven-figure affiliate marketer i do.

you can get the best deals on upcomingsoftware and courses if at any pointduring this review you want to check outtype 4 cash just go ahead and click thatlink below also please like this videoit really helps out my youtube channeland i appreciate it and make sure youhit that subscribe button and bellnotification last thing before we jumpin here i just want to show you my bonuspage i’ve got a ton of extra bonusesthat you’re going to be getting if youpurchase this through my link all these.

of warrior plus after you purchasethrough my link okay let’s take a lookat the sales page together it says theworld’s first system that pays us to useour phones computers revealed 182billion dollar company pays me 260 anhour to type simple words online forfree no experience needed no skillsneeded no website needed no expenses soessentially what this uh is is it’s abunch of different tools designed tohelp you do affiliate marketing and tohelp you get traffic um there’s a lot of.

to ignore the hype and i’m gonna showyou an actual demo of what the softwaredoes i want you to look at what thesoftware does but if your purchasepurchase it based upon what this doesand not on fancy screenshots here so allthese like earnings screenshots andstuff herea million dollars paid to their membersso far let’s forget this uh this is justhypey internet marketing screenshotshere uh and have nothing really to dowith this they say by typing maybe by.

and and stuff like that so um these betatesters i have no idea who these peopleare if they’re really even real so justalways take these sales pages with agrain of salt please and purchase thesethings based upon what they do not ontheselike income claims here because a lot oftimes i don’t know if i necessarilybelieve thatokay so let’s go down to the uh thebottom of thislong long sales page here and see what.

purchase here today this is a long pagedoes anyone actually read these pages uhlast minute you get the uh the brand newcash system you get the paid to typetechnology the step-by-step trainingvideos the bonuses here and it’s a lowone-time price now you can add in aspecial upgrade hereif you want to for for an extra 9.95 buthere’s what i want you to do if you’reconsidering purchasing this make surewhen you come to this pagethat you move your mouse away like this.

make less as an affiliate by showingthis to you but i always do this becausei want you to come back to me to knowthat you’re going to get the best priceson these so give me a like if you likethe fact that i show you these discountswhat i’m going to do right now is i’mgoing to show you a demo video and afterthat’s done i’ll be back to show you allthe different otos and discounts sowelcome friends in this video i’m goingto show you the quick demo of our brandnew software that is called type for.

for cache is a online software is aweb-based application it is a all-in-onemarketing solution which will definitelymake your work more easier than everbeforeand not only that if you are looking fortraffic if you want to get trafficquality traffic then it will definitelyhelp you so uh in this video i’m goingto show you how type for cash work howyou can use it to grow your business iwill show you everything step by stepso let’s get started.

for cash account you will land onto thispagethis is your dashboard and from here youwill get a detailed analytic view ofyour type for cash account like how manycampaigns you have been createdhow many traffic you get or how manyfollowers you have etcetera so you willget a detailed analytic view a detailedstatistics of your type for cash accountall right so you can check them fromhereand now the very first option of our.

software that ispage cache now this is a very importantfeature with this feature you can veryeasily create landing page or sales pagewhatever you can very easily create themand use them for your business purposeas you know sales page or landing pagethese are very important things which weneed in our business no matter in whichfield you are belong you can be aaffiliate marketer you can be a cpamarketer but must needed this pages likesales page thank you page opt-in page.

by going on this option page cache so ifyou click on them you will be land onthis page and here you can see we havemany different type of templates oflanding pages thank you pages etcall you have to do is just select yourdesired page like say this onewe have to click on itandyou have to give a nameall right now click on create buttonokay so you can seeuh this is our page and this is.

i mean you can edit everything likethe texteverything is editable hereyou can also change the default imageall right and on your left hand sidepanel you will get many different typeof features many different type ofoptions with with this you can veryeasily edit this default page and cancreate your own landing page or salespage in a very short period of timeso this is very usefuland.

type english now if you hover on thisoption you seeit’s saying automatic writing yes it’sdo exactly same what it is saying uh imean you can automate your contentwriting or content generation all rightso i hope you know that uh if you are anaffiliate marketer or if you are ae-commerce marketer e-commerce businessif you are in commerce business oraffiliate business then you must needemail swipes or email templates or maybeif you want to give a facebook ad then.

with our software you can very easilycreate a add text or email template orsales letter etcso all you have to do isclick on this new writing optionall right so here you can see uh this isone of the email templatesoand if you click on this drop down menuyou can seeall the things like emails headlinessales letter call to action facebook adsgoogle adword ads.

so let’s say you are looking for salesletter if you click on itall rightwe include high converting sales lettersin our software you can simply choosethem byclicking on this drop down menulike this letter one size letter twolet’s saysales letter twoall rightand more templates will become shortlyso all you have to do is choose your.

and you can either copy ityou can directly copy it or you can saveitandyou can download it as a pdf or text etcall right so in this way you can veryeasily generate your email swipes orsales letteryou don’t need to bother about yourwriting skill anymore you just need togenerate your sales letter oremail templateand with one click you can generate it.

all right so this is all about typingcache and the next very importantfeature is social cacheso if you hover on ityou can see there are multiple optionsare here like facebook posting facebookautopilot instagram autopilot etcwe will see one by one so the first oneis facebook postingand here you will find another threeoption multimedia post cta post carouselor video postso i think you can guess the feature by.

multimedia post if you click on itclick on the create new post buttonso from here you can very easily createnew post for your facebook pageand not only takes post you can createlink post you can create image post oryou can create video post okayso this is very easyuh just you have to give a campaign nameyou need to write the post body hereyou need to select your facebook pagewhere you want to post itlet’s say.

hereyou can also select if you want to postit now or if you want to schedule itnownow when everything is done just clickon create campaign buttonokay so you can seeit’s immediately post on our facebookaccountyou can see the report from here if youclick on this action buttonand if you click on this tiny iconit will redirect you to your facebook.

is the new post which we created just alittleall rightso in this way you can very easilycreate social postcta post is same liketext postwith this feature you can very easilycreate cta type post i mean call toaction posti hope you guys are familiar with thistype of facebook post with this softwareyou can very easily create a cta post.

and the next one is facebook autopilotnow with this feature you can automateyour replies you can automate your pagemaintenancelike uh as you know that when someonecomment on our post we need to replythem but what if we can automate theprocess because it is not possible everytime we keep our eyes onour multiple facebook pagesso if we can automate it if we canautomate the system that that wheneversomeone comment in our post.

then this will be very useful and withour software you can very easily createthis automation system so all you haveto do is click on this automationcampaignnow this is our post you can see all ourposts are imported herethis is the new one which we createdjust a little ago all you have to do isclick on this teeny gear buttonandyou can directly comment from here likeleave a comment.

comment buttonokay so it immediately sent our commentto the selected post you can check itfrom here you can seethe comment post here successfullyall right and not only that you can setauto like and share like wheneversomeone comment on your post they willbe automatically get a like from you andthis is very important featureand also you can set your auto commenttemplates or auto reply templates fromhere.

very easily maintain your multiplefacebook pages you can automate theentire system that whenever someoneinteract with you whenever someonecomment on your post then then they willget an automatic reply from you you maysend your offers to them wheneversomeone interact with you or wheneversomeone comment on your postall rightand the next option is instagram postnow instagram posting is same asfacebook posting whatever you can do in.

carousel or video post you can do thesame things in your instagram accountand the next one is instagram autopilotthis is also same as facebook autopiloti mean you can set auto comments or autoreply features for your instagramaccountand the next and last option is socialblast now this one is a very importantfeaturehereyou can seeall the big social networks all the.

andfrom this drop down menu you can selectyour created campaigns like this one ihave created just a little agoyou can simply select your createdcampaignand with just one clickyou can share your campaign you canshare your post to this social networksyou can see we have a very big andpowerful list of popular social networksso from here you can very easily shareyour created campaign to the social.

if you want to share it in twitteror if you want to share it and read itso all you have to do is click on thisaccount icon and you have to log in toyour account and then you can share yourcampaign to this accountnow the next feature is multi-channelcache if you hover on it you can seethere is two option one is emailcampaign and another is sms campaignwith this two feature you can veryeasily send your offers to your emailsubscribers or you can very easily send.

work as an autoresponder we includepowerful and multiple emailautoresponders likelike smtp email gun mantras and grid etchereyou can connect your accounts directlyfrom hereuh to create an email template you needto click on itfrom here you can very easily create newemail templatesso you can create both type of emailtemplates like reach text editor or drag.

if you click on drag and drop optionand here you can see we will get fourtype of email layoutuh like sayyou want to create this type of layoutand here you can very easily create yourtemplatesimply you have to drag this and drop onyourlayoutandin this way you can very easily createyour email template.

okay so our email template created hereso you can create your own emailtemplates and can save here and to sendthem to your subscribers all you have todo is go to this multi-channel cacheoption and click on the email campaignclick on new email campaign okay so hereyou can see you cancreate both reach text editor emailcampaign or drag and drop email campaigntoselect the drag and drop email campaignnow from here you can select one of your.

uh like this one which we created just alittle agofrom here you need to select your emailapi like like from which email api youwant to sendthis email to your subscriber like ifyou have mail gun or if you have manualthen you canadd them you can connect them here andjust you have to select your email apiand also you can attach any file fromhereyou can also select your page subscriber.

and when you have done everything justclick on this create campaign button andyour email will be sent to theminstantly all rightnot only drag and drop you can alsocreate rich text editor type emailand now the next option is sms campaignsms campaign is same as email campaignjust you can sendmultiple sms to your subscribersyou go to sms campaignclick on new sms campaignso you can see you can create your sms.

and you can quickly send your sms toyour multiple contacts so this is veryusefulall right now the next and last featureof our software is utility cache hereyou will get two option that is sitecomparison and link loginwith site comparisonyou can comparetwo different website all right so manytimes we need to compare our websitewith our computer’s website let’s sayyou have a e-commerce business and you.

compare your website with one of yourcompetitors website you can very easilydo that with this featureso all you have to do is put the bothwebsite url here and if you click onsearch buttonyou can see you can very easily compareboth like how many share they got howmany reaction they got how many commentsthey got etc you can very easily withjust one click you can compare the bothwebsiteand the next option is.

with link clocking you can short yoururl as you know that we can directlypost our affiliate link to popularsocial networks like facebook orinstagram or reddit etcso we need to clock our url we need tohide our url andfor this we need a url shortener servicebut with our software you can veryeasily shorten your urlall you have to do iswrite your url hereand now if you hit the shortener button.

websiteall right so in this way you can veryeasily clock your affiliate links or anywebsite url and can share the short urlto your multiple social accountsso this is all our type for cashsoftware i hope you guys like itand that’s it for now thank you forwatching i’ll see you soon okay so thisis the first upgrade you’re going to seeuh this is an unlimited version of thisit removes all limits from it but here’sthe important part move your mouse away.

this you can get 10 off and get this for37. next one this is a done for youversion of this move your mouse away youcan get a hundred dollars off of itbring that price down from 297 to 197here next one here is automation so moveyour mouse away bring that price down to67 uh with with this one next one hereis it’s an income multiplier move yourmouse away you can bring the price downten dollars on that one next one here isa thousand to two thousand additionaldaily buy it’s like a extra traffic move.

down by a hundred dollars to 67.next one here move your mouse away andyou can get that price down to 97 from297 and this is resell rights and thelast one here is they’ve got an extraloophole for you that they accidentallydiscovered if youmove your mouse away on this one you canbring the price down from 67 to 37 onetime so all these different otos andupgrades completely optional pick andchoose which ones you want and forgetthe ones that you don’t okay so what do.

don’t i like about it as usual withthese sales pages really really hypey ii don’t believe in a lot of these hype ireally would like to see some of thesescreenshots backed up with some likecase study proof soif you’re going to purchase i said thisbefore if you’re going to purchase thispurchase it because there’s a toolinside of it that is going to help youout in your business not because youthink you’re going to make a milliondollars by pushing a button because that.

this for the low price of entry ifthere’s any tool inside of here that youcould see yourself using that it will beworth picking it up for your businessbut if if you’re going to purchase itand never use it ever then please saveyour money only get it if you’re goingto actually use it thank you so much forchecking out my review today if you wantto take a look at type for cash go aheadand click that link below also pleaselike this video it really helps out myyoutube channel and i appreciate it and.

and bell notification as always thankyou so much for watching and i’ll seeyou again in my next review videothanks

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